The Civic Museums of Loreto Aprutino preserve collections of extremely importance for the history and the art of all the Region.

The Museums are organized as thematic expositions dedicated to the archeology of the Region , to the production of the extra virgin olive oil and to the history of the Castelli’s ceramics.

Inside the Museums a didactic service is dedicated to schools with laboratories and guided visits on specific themes. During the year there are many organized events linked to those proposed by the community of Loreto Aprutino.

Then the Museums and their collections are available for scholars and research workers.


The Acerbo Museum is composed of 6 expositive rooms, and inside them there is the collection of Giacomo Acerbo, Baron. This ceramic collection is composed by 570 pieces, most of all belonging to the Castelli’s production, and are dated from the middle of the 16th century to the 19th century. The preparation has been made by the architect Leonardo Palladini, and the Museum was opened in the 1957 in the same building where is now… [MORE]


The Oil Museum is one of the Municipal Museums in Loreto Aprutino, opened in 2005, an old oil mill of 1880 renovated. The oil mill has been built by Raffaele Baldini Palladini, land owner and oil producer, who asked his friend Francesco Paolo Michetti to plan his factory… [MORE]