The Loreto Aprutino’s Civic Museums Foundation is born the 15th of Genuary 1998.

The 11th of Genuary 1999 the “Regione Abruzzo” recognised the juridical personality.

The goals are:

  • the museums activities management in the Loreto Aprutino’s region;
  • the study, the research, the documentation, the materials acquisition and the promotion of the museums activities and their goods;
  • the preservation and the promotion of the historical, artistic, architectural, cultural and surrounding goods of Pescara land;
  • the preservation of ancient traditions, the touristic development and the promotion of typical products and local handcraft;
  • the promotion of historical and cultural personalities of the Pescara land, specially of Loreto Aprutino.

The Foundation Management Council are composed by the representatives of “Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell’Abruzzo”, of “Regione Abruzzo”, of “Provincia di Pescara”, of “Comune di Loreto Aprutino”, of “Fondazione PescarAbruzzo” and of “Archeoclub d’Italia” of Loreto Aprutino.


The Legislative Decree 14/03/2013, no. 33 “Reorganizing the discipline on the obligations of publicity, transparency and dissemination of information by public administrations”, published in the Official Gazette of April 5, 2013, no. 80 and in force since 20 April 2013, pursues the aim of making accessible information on the organization and activities of public administrations and private law entities under public scrutiny in order to promote widespread forms of control over institutional and On the use of public resources.

For this purpose, the Fondazione dei Musei Civici di Loreto Aprutino makes known the following data:

List of Councilors 2022

Statute of the Foundation